Catering Menus

We are pleased to offer, in addition to the usual Dinner Menu, Street Eats. These specials will tantalise your tastebuds! 

Street Eats…

Fusion Street food offer: 

KFC – Korean Fried Chicken Burger
Lightly spiced Coated Chicken fillet, baked and served in a brioche bun, with Asian ‘slaw, and special sauce
(Sweet potato wedges & salad inc as Meal Deal) 

Asian Broth: Quorn Noodle Laksa (V)
Pieces of Quorn simmered in a fragrant coconut milk sauce, laced with rice noodles and ribbons of selected vegetables

Firecracker Beef Wrap
Slow braised beef, infused with spices, shredded and served with sour cream and salsa, seared peppers and onions in a flour tortilla 

A pizza / Indian fusion – Naan bread, Chicken tikka, strewn over a spiced tomato base , dusted with cheese and grilled

Bhaji Burger (V)
Onion Bhaji baked and served in a flat bread, with salad leaves, spiced mango chutney & Mint Riata drizzle

More Information

You can download the Street eats menu or our Lunchtime menus (September 2016).