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Pupils Cook Up a Storm at College


Pupils visited Foxholes Restaurant at Runshaw College for a mini links day.

Worden at FoxholesDuring the day we took part in a number of activities. We started the day producing spring rolls and decorating ice buns which I really enjoyed. We then watched a demonstration by 2nd and 3rd year students who made, peppered steak, chips with pepper sauce and onion rings. Some of us were involved in the demonstrations which helped us learn some new skills, Jack, Ellie Kate and Emily produced the pasta, George and Shrey produced the pesto. The second dish was fresh taglietelle served with homemade pesto and pan fried salmon. This was interesting as we had produced our own ravioli in lesson the previous week this gave us the opportunity to see how fresh pesto was made and ideas of what to serve it with.

The Course Leader Russell explained what was involved with during the courses available after we leave school. Some of us are already interested in taking the course which involves kitchen work and restaurant skills.

We then enjoyed our lunch sampling what college life could be like and exploring some of the campus.

After lunch we were introduced to the restaurant by Fiona who discussed ideas for careers within the Catering industry. I didn’t realise how many there were from fast food to cruise ships, hotel and festivals, all need some sort of Hospitality from the Catering Industry.

We watched a cocktail demonstration and worked in teams to produce our own, which were judged by a year 2 student. Ellie Kate, Amber and Abbie’s won.

We watched a high skilled flambe demonstration where the students cooked crepe suzette and we were allowed to taste. We also learnt how to set a table and silver serve customers using a spoon and fork.

The staff and students were all really helpful and made us feel comfortable with experiencing our day in College, we all really enjoyed the day and look forward to booking a visit for lunch in the New Year.

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