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2016 Ofsted

After discussing pupil outcomes, our plans for improvement and what we felt were the strengths of the school, the Ofsted inspector spent the rest of the day talking to pupils and staff, looking at pupils’ work and watching numerous lessons in most subjects across the school. The outcome of the inspection, communicated to us by letter on Friday 4th March, was that Worden “continues to be good”. 

I am extremely proud to have received such positive letter which reflects the fantastic work that goes on daily at Worden to ensure our pupils make the best possible progress in subjects across our broad and balanced curriculum. The letter recognises the high quality of teaching and the excellent attitude and behaviour displayed by the pupils. Some key phrases in the inspection finding are:

“Pupils benefit from good teaching”

“Pupils leave the school with brighter prospects due to a passionate leadership team working alongside teachers who care and meticulously plan for each unique cohort”

“Leaders and teachers know their pupils well and ensure that a purposeful thriving environment is provided to support high-quality learning”

“.. a school where pupils can enjoy learning”

“Pupils take pride in their work and their school and develop raised aspirations from a good-quality teaching environment”

“Pupils speak warmly of the efforts that staff make to look after them; strong pastoral care nurtures pupils”

“Teachers and leaders have focused on improving pupils’ literacy…… Reading is promoted well”

“Teachers’ expectations of what pupils can achieve are consistently high across the school”

“Strong relationships exist between teachers and pupils and consequently pupils’ attitudes to learning are consistently high”

“The ethos of the school is calm and built on respect for each other.  All pupils spoken to by inspectors said that they felt safe in the school”

Once again I would like to thank the school community and our friends for all the support they have given Worden to ensure we maintain our high standards and expectations.

Academy at Worden - Published Ofsted Letter March 2016 

2012 Ofsted

The inspection team said "This is a good school" and graded every judgment as good.

Achievement of pupils


Quality of teaching


Behaviour and safety of pupils


Leadership and management


Ofsted report Sept 2012

2011 Ofsted
The full report in the form of a letter can be accessed on the Ofsted website. Some of the main points she raised included the following:

“Since the last inspection there have been significant changes to staffing, most notably in the senior leadership”.

She highlighted that, “Attainment at Key Stage 4 has risen and that a major factor in this is the school’s robust monitoring system which shows that Year 11 students are on track for further improvements in 2011, particularly in English and mathematics”

“Students have a better understanding of how well they are doing and how they can improve”

The next section focussed on teaching and learning and the curriculum. “During this inspection no inadequate teaching was observed. In the best lessons expectations are high and students make good progress because of effective teaching with plenty of challenge, independent learning and a brisk pace”

“Challenging targets are set”, “Data and information are effectively shared”

“Commitment to raising standards is indicative of the drive shared by leaders at all levels”

She went on to say, “Inspired leadership and effective strategic management … have engendered a dramatic change of culture in a very short space of time”

“It is clear from the atmosphere within the school and from talking to students and staff that they are incredibly motivated to work as a team to improve outcomes”

I have to say how proud I am that the Inspector identified the progress we have made in such a short period of time. Particularly pleasing is that she also stated that we have good capacity to continue to make even more progress towards our vision of being recognised as an outstanding school.
2010 Ofsted Report
Raising standards, Raising expectations, Raising the bar!

“The senior leadership team are committed to raising standards and driving school improvement”.

“Since the last inspection, all aspects of the school’s work have improved”.

“Good opportunities exist for students to learn about economic well-being through the extended curriculum and ICT”.

“Students are polite and welcoming to visitors and happy to talk about their work”.

“Students say ‘they feel safe at Worden and they are confident to share any concerns with staff ’ ”.

“Students work well with the local community and raise significant sums for local, national and international charities”

To read the full reports, please see the Ofsted web site.