Staff List

Whoever you need to contact at school, you can find the relevant staff member on this page.



Mr C Catherall

Head teacher

Mr A Hammersley


Mr M Reed

Director of Business and Finance

Mr D Blackledge

Assistant Head T&L

Mrs L Wood

Assistant Head SEN/Pastoral

Miss S Ball

Head of Technology (Subject)

Mrs S Beach

Second in Maths

Miss J Bibby

Teacher of English

Mr A Blackburn

Head of Faculty (ICT & Maths) 

Mrs R Blackledge

Teacher Of Science

Miss V Burns

Teacher of Geography

Miss A Carty

Progress Manager (Year 9-11)

Mr D Corner

Second in Science

Mrs A Cudworth

Teacher of English

Mrs P Fawcett

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Z Fergyson

Head of MFL (subject)

Mrs L Finley

Operations Manager

Mrs S Gardner

Head of English (subject)

Mrs N Garland

Head of Maths (subject)

Mr T Garland

Teacher of Maths

Mr M Green

Mentor and Inclusion Manager

Mrs J Green

Lead TA

Mrs N Hallas

Teacher of Technology

Mrs K Haslem

Welfare Assistant/Hospitality

Mrs J Hawkins

Teacher of Maths

Mr J Haworth

Head of Science (subject)

Miss R Hodkinson

Cover Supervisor

Mrs J Hull

Teaching Assistant

Miss J Hurley

Behaviour & Attendance Administrator

Mrs A Houston

Teaching Assistant

Mr W Lees

Site Supervisor

Mrs J Lennighan

School Technician

Mrs B Jackson

School Games Co-ordinator  (2 days)

Mr G Lumsden

Teacher of General Subjects

Mrs E Mann

Aspiring Leader of Maths

Mrs M May

Teacher of Art

Miss E McArdle

Teacher of History

Mrs V McKay

Welfare Assistant (lunch time only)

Miss G MacMillan

Cover Supervisor

Mr S Mellor

IT Support Network Manager

Mrs B Monk

DAEC Manager

Mrs K Murden

Teacher of RE

Mr M Ogden

Progress Manager (Years 6 – 8)

Mrs A Parkinson

School Counsellor

Mrs M Partridge

Business Support

Mr S Porter

Head of Faculty (Humanities & English)

Mr B Renton

Teacher of PE

Mr L Rimmer

Second in English

Mr T Seymour

Learning Mentor

Miss A Shafiq

Teaching Assistant

Dr S Smith

Teacher of Science

Miss K Taylor

Business Support & Communications Officer

Mrs S Vorajee

Teacher of Performing Arts

Miss A Wade

Head of PE (subject)

Ms J Windle

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Witty

Teacher of MFL