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Mr A. Blackburn Head of Faculty ICT Co-Ordinator
Mrs N. Hallas Teacher of Technology and ICT  
Mr S. Mellor Network Manager  

Brief overview of the KS3 curriculum

In KS3 ICT lessons, students work on half termly projects to improve their skills in fundamental ICT packages such as word processing, databases, presentations and spreadsheets.

Students also are taught how to use the Internet safely and given chance to develop their ICT creativity in graphics and sound with animation projects and computer programming. The New Key Stage 3 framework allows for much more flexibility within lessons. We encourage peer evaluation and use the Assessment for Learning process to enable students to move through the levels. Literacy is a vital component of every lesson.

Brief overview of the KS4 curriculum

At the end of year 9 all students are given the option of selecting a GCSE in Computer Science and a GCSE in Business Studies.

All year 10 and 11 students have 2 ICT lessons per week. Students are enrolled on a full GCSE in ICT. This qualification is awarded at the end of year 11. The students complete a Controlled Assessment module which is worth 60% of their final mark and then sit an external exam which is worth 40% of their final mark.

ICT across the curriculum

ICT is a tool that can be used to enhance the learning in other subjects. We encourage students to be able to transfer their skills across the curriculum and make informed decisions on how best to use their ICT skills to enhance their work.


There are 2 discrete ICT rooms that are fully equipped with multimedia computers.

There are a further 2 rooms that are used by all departments in school. These rooms are available for use by other subject areas so that ICT can be used to enhance the learning experience of students.

Extra-curricular activities

The ICT area opens every lunchtime to allow students to use the facilities. Students use the ICT facilities to complete HEAT tasks and socialise with their friends. This resource is fully supervised by staff.

Useful Links

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The internet is a fantastic resource but it is important to stay safe online. These websites contain lots of great information about online safety: