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Miss S. Ball Head of Technology Catering Teacher
Mrs N. Hallas Product Design Teacher  
Mr C. Hull Art & Design Teacher  
Mrs J. Windle Teaching Assistant  
Mrs. K Haslem Faculty Technician  


Students will learn some basic and advanced cooking skills, they will be encouraged to tap into their imaginative side in order to explore the use of food as a material with which to design new products.


Students will learn about: 

  • Safety in the kitchen
  • Food hygiene
  • Healthy eating
  • Local and seasonal product
  • Fairtrade


Students become much more skillful and are encourage to develop their research and investigative skills whilst exploring the food and developing their cooking skills. We currently offer GCSE catering and hospitality and will be offering the new GCSE in food preparation and nutrition from September 2016.



Students will follow a programme of study which will takes in the formal elements of Art. Students will be offered a wide range of opportunities to explore line, shape, colour, tone, mark-making, and textures.

Projects include, portraiture, contextual studies, storyboards, nature and the world around us, architecture, and fantasy/ imaginative art. Students will experience 2 and 3D work and will be encouraged to develop their skills in a wide range of media.


GCSE Art and Design

Yr 10 complete 3 projects as part of Unit 1 where students are encouraged to develop their own ideas, building on their strengths and preferences. Each student creates a personal journey using sketchbooks both in class and as extended learning at home.

Yr 11 A timed assessment under exam conditions. This then forms the last component of Unit 1.

Unit 2 is the externally set task and allows students the choice of several starting points which will enable them to showcase their best work


In KS3 Resistant Materials we investigate, design and make different projects using different materials. Including plastics and wood.

The world in which we all live is full of products made from a range of different materials. From the moment we wake to the time we go to bed we use and interact with a huge range of products designed to make life easier, faster, safer and more convenient. Nearly all of these products are made from resistant materials; the toothbrush you use when you get up in the morning to the box you put your lunch in they have all been designed by someone for our convenience. And it is with this in mind that we want to inspire our pupils to learn about materials and how they are used to benefit them

GCSE Graphics

At KS4 we offer the GCSE Graphics programme. Students will be enthused and challenged by the range of practical activities possible. They will be encouraged to learn to use, understand and apply colour and design through images, to develop spatial concepts, and to understand graphic materials and their manipulation. They will design and make product(s) using graphic media and new technologies to prepare them for the world of work.

This course has 60 per cent controlled assessment in order to recognise the importance of practical work within the subject.

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