Documents, Policies and External Websites

These documents and policies are available to view and download using either Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader. Most computers, tablets and smartphones have software installed to open these files.

Documents and Policies
Able, Gifted and Talented Policy  
Accessibility Plan Policy   
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy  
Anti Bullying Policy  
Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy  
British Values Policy  
Charging and Remissions Policy  
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy  
Children Looked After Policy  
Complaints Procedure  
Curriculum Policy  
Data Protection Policy  
E safety Digital safeguarding policy
Online safety policy
Online Safety Tips
Rules and Agreements for Staff and Pupils
Exam Policy Please see the Exams Information page 
Fire Evacuation Policy  
FOI Policy  
Funding Agreement  
Health and Safety Policy  
Home-School Agreement   
Incorporation & Articles of Association  
Ofsted report Sept 2012  
Parents Handbook 2016  
Pupil Mobile Phone Policy  
Scheme of Delegation  
Sex Education Policy  
Special Education Needs  SEN Policy FGB 
SEN Local Offer 2016
Single Equalities Policy  
Smoke Free Policy  
Social Moral Spiritual & Cultural Policy  
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions  
Whistle Blowing Policy  
GCSE Exams - Information for Candidates

Please see the Exam Information page for the most up to date information

Value For Money Statement Value For Money Statement 2014 
Annual Accounts

2016 Academy Worden Accounts
2015 Academy Worden Accounts

2014 Academy Worden Accounts
2013 Academy Worden Accounts

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2016-17
Pupil Premium Report 2015-16
Year 7 Catch up premium 2015-16

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2015-16

Pupil Premium Report 2014-15

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2014-15
Pupil Premium Report 2013-14 

Holiday Leave Application

Worden Leave of Absence Form 2016


Lettings Policy

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