Mr A Hammersley Headteacher
Mr P Cairns Deputy Headteacher, Curriculum and Safeguarding Lead
Mr M Reed Director of Business and Finance
Mrs L Wood Senior Assistant Headteacher, Personal Development
Mr S Porter Senior Assistant Headteacher, Teaching & Learning
Mr J Haworth Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour and Attitudes, PP
Mrs J Cairns Assistant Headteacher, Reading, Transition and Stakeholder Engagement
Mrs  A Andrews Business Support Officer 
Mr R Arnold Head of Computer Science
Mr J Bale Teacher of History & Head of Year 10
Miss S Ball Teacher of Food Nutrition
Mrs J Barlow Teaching Assistant
Ms R Barrow  Cover Supervisor 
Miss K Beattie Second in English
Miss S Beer Second in Maths
Mrs L Bergon Teacher of MFL
Mrs A Bowman Business Support
Miss N Branson Teacher of Computing
Mr S Burbage Careers Officer
Miss A Campbell Behaviour Manager - Y8
Mr Carpenter Cover Teacher 
Mr A Coward Head of Geography
Mrs C Critchlow Head of Technology
Mr A Crook Head of Science
Mrs J Crook Thinking Reading
Miss V Duxbury Head of English
Miss R Fagan Second in Science
Ms L Finley Operations Manager
Mrs A Fisher Teacher of Science
Mr T Garland Teacher of Maths & Head of Year 9
Mrs  N Garland Teacher of Maths & Head of Year 8
Mr  Gaskill  Family Support Worker 
Miss H Gavell Examinations Manager
Mr M Gostelow  Site Manager 
Mrs K Haslem School technician
Mrs J Hawkins  Teaching Assistant 3
Mrs J Hennigan Teacher of Art
Mr Hope Teacher of English 
Mr M Howarth Behaviour Manager - Y10
Miss J Hurley Behaviour & Attendance Administrator
Mrs K Keane SENCo
Mrs J Knight TA3/School Librarian
Ms K Law Teacher of English
Mr G Lumsden Teacher of PE/History
Miss G MacMillan Behaviour Manager – Y7
Mrs R McMurray  Aspiring Leader of English 
Mr M McNulty Thinking Reading Co-Ordinator 
Mrs R Mitchell Teacher of Geography
Mrs B Monk Headteacher's PA
Mr Oommen Science Technician 
Mrs L Parkin Second in Science
Mrs M Partridge Safeguarding Manager
Miss  E Pilkington Teacher of English 
Mr Potter Site Manager 
Mrs C Price Behaviour Manager – Y11
Miss E Quayle Head of History
Mrs L Robinson Head of Maths
Miss V Shaw Business Support (Marketing/Advertising)
Dr T Siemens Teacher of Music
Mrs L Slinger  Teacher of Science 
Mr P Smillie IT Manager
Mr  D Snowdon Teacher of Maths 
Miss R Sunman Teaching Assistant
Mr R Travers  Teacher of Maths 
Mr D Voisin Head of MFL
Mrs S Vorajee Teacher of Performing Arts
Mrs A Wade Head of Physical Education
Mr S Wade Teacher of RE
Mrs R West Cover supervisor
Miss R Wiggans  Behaviour Manager - Y9
Ms J Windle Teaching Assistant