Welcome to our Library!

Reading is a high priority at Academy@Worden and in 2023, the school invested in a purposeful, brand-new library, stocked with over 4,000 of the latest books to interest and encourage pupils to read for pleasure and develop a love of books. The relaxed and tranquil atmosphere has become a safe haven for learning, creativity and exploring literature, where all pupils are welcome, either to read or study. We are very proud of our library and the role it plays in the day-to-day life of Worden.

The library has a wide range of new and exciting high-quality fiction, including best sellers by renowned authors that will appeal to everyone. All fiction books are organised in to genres; from classics to mystery, fantasy to horror, young adult to novels in French! The list is endless! Non-fiction books, not only support academic studies but also helps our pupils learn more about the world and people around them, across all subjects, and are organised using the Dewey Decimal System. Stock is constantly updated and pupils are encouraged to complete a ‘Wish List’ slip to request any books they would like to read and to ensure the stock remains current.

Our collection also includes quick reads, graphic novels, poetry, revision guides, careers information and college prospectuses. We also stock a range of magazines, including The Week, which is an award-winning, fun-to-read magazine that inspires a love of reading and encourages our pupils to think for themselves. We aim to make sure the library is accessible to all pupils and ensure that our stock reflects both our readership and current issues of importance such as LGBTQ+ and Mental Health.

In the library, we promote reading for pleasure with regular displays, competitions and activities. Reading for pleasure has been shown to not only improve literacy skills leading to improved academic outcomes but also enhances concentration, focus and general wellbeing.  We also observe special events and seasonal celebrations throughout the year, including Pride Month, Black History Month and Mental Health Awareness Week. In 2024, Worden staff enjoyed participating in the Masked Reader as part of World Book Day.

The library also works very closely with the English Department. Pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 have a weekly timetabled library lesson where both the school librarian and English teachers support pupils with their reading. Pupils learn how to navigate and use the library, how to develop their own strategies for selecting books, as well as exploring different authors and genres. They also look at texts in-depth through peer discussion, independent, and paired reading, as well as guided reading of non-fiction texts which support learning in other areas of the curriculum.  They listen to short stories read by the teachers and make book presentations to their peers, as well as recording their weekly learning in a Reading Log.

Meet the Librarian Team
Our school librarian is Mrs Knight, who supports and assists all pupils and staff. We also have a dedicated team of ten trained pupil librarians in Years 8 +, who play an active role in the running of the library, and in promoting reading in general. They are fully trained in using the Abracadabra Library System, as well as carrying out day-to-day library duties. We also invite pupils completing their Duke of Edinburgh to volunteer in the library, as part of their award.


Opening Times
The Library Club is open for ALL pupils at lunchtime, 1.20pm – 1.55 and after school 3.05 – 4pm, every day. As well as reading, there is the opportunity to play games, carry out research, complete mindfulness colouring, as well as the library being a quiet space to revise or complete homework. Pupils and staff, can borrow one book, for up to three weeks, and this can either be renewed or returned during normal library club times. Pupils are encouraged to value books and are responsible for the books they borrow. Any lost or damaged books need to be paid for.

Genre Tracker
In the library, pupils are encouraged to engage with stories from various genres, in order to expand insights into different cultures, perspectives, and life experiences, as well as improving knowledge and overall comprehension skills. Our very own Worden ‘Bookworm’ badges are awarded to those pupils who, during their time at Worden, continually read a broad range of books from genres across the tracker. 

Library Loyalty Card
The school library runs a loyalty scheme, which is open to all pupils. Every time a pupil completes a whole book read; they receive a stamp. Once a card is complete, they may choose a small prize. Completed cards also lead to valuable House Points and a special draw at the end of every term.

Recommended Reading 
In the library we have Book Genre of the Month and Library Book of the Fortnight. The school librarian and English staff are always happy to make recommendations! Pupils are also persuaded to share and discuss their reading, in order to inspire others and are able to recommend the next ‘great read’ by filling out a slip.

Book Fair
Our annual Scholastic pop-up book fair features over 200 book titles, especially chosen for the secondary age range by specialised staff. Our book fair usually happens in Autumn term.

Coram Beanstalk
At Worden, we run the Coram Beanstalk Reading Leaders programme, in the library, every lunchtime. This initiative helps some of our Y9 pupils to develop their skills by becoming a reading mentor to our Year 7 pupils, who then benefit from having a role model who champions reading skills and confidence!

Lancashire Book of the Year
Lancashire Book of the Year is the longest running young people's regional book award in the country and remains one of the few book awards in which young people themselves are solely responsible for choosing both the shortlist and the overall winning book. It is a valuable opportunity for our Year 9 pupils to not only read the latest releases but to meet pupils from other secondary schools and vote for the overall ‘Best Book.’


Sparx Reading
Sparx Reader is a reading, comprehension and vocabulary programme that encourages reading regularly to help improve their literacy and motivates them to read for pleasure, and is completed for homework.  Pupils take a test and then they choose a book according to their level. Sparx Reader will regularly check their understanding of the story throughout the book by asking question based on comprehension of the text they are reading.  Pupils are rewarded points by reading carefully and over time, their literacy and reading abilities will improve. Pupils always have a choice in what they read. The e-book library has a range of modern fiction books, as well as classic stories. Once pupils reach the gold level, they have autonomy over the text they choose; they can add their own books from home too. Tasks are personalised based on each student's reading ability so that every student can be successful with their reading. The books that a student can choose from are carefully chosen so that the text is accessible yet suitably challenging. In addition, daily vocabulary puzzles are also available so pupils can discover and practise new words presented to them in context. Contextual definitions are provided for any unknown words a pupil comes across during reading and over time, this will support pupils develop their vocabulary. Teachers monitor progress closely and can focus on those that need intervention and support.



Further Information
There are now a large number of good websites, including the National Literacy trust, Book Trust and Goodreads, which are full of useful information and allow you to read book reviews and keep up-to-date with new book releases.
For further information on how to support your child’s reading please follow this link; https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/10-top-tips-to-encourage-children-to-read/10-top-tips-to-encourage-children-to-read; https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/10-top-tips-to-encourage-children-to-read/10-top-tips-to-encourage-children-to-read